COVID-19 Policy

Last updated: March 5th 2022

Costa Rica

For first time travelers to Costa Rica it is good to know that Costa Rica is not a 3rd world country, standards in Costa Rica are much higher than in other Latin American countries. The healthcare system is well developed, and the government has the capability and funds to fight this crisis in a proper way.

Also Costa Rica has some temporary entry requirements due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit the following page of the official tourism board of Costa Rica (ICT) that explains the current entry requirements. 

Update! February 23rd 2022
The Costa Rican government has announced that as of April 1st 2022 the Health Pass and travel insurance policy requirements will be eliminated for all individuals that enter Costa Rica. In addition, all type of establishments are allowed to run on 100% capacity (without the requirement of showing a QR-code).

B&B Jardín de los Monos

October 21st, 2020 – B&B Jardín de los Monos obtained the ‘Safe Travels stamp’. This certification is an initiative of the World Travel & Tourism Council and they describe it as, Global Protocols & Stamp for the New Normal. It seems to be the most recognized certification in the world on this topic since the COVID-19 outbreak. It is issued by the official Tourism Board of Costa Rica (ICT). See the letter that confirms the granting of the Safe Travels stamp to B&B Jardín de los Monos by clicking this link.

Safe Travels Costa Rica

We have always put high standards to our cleanliness, as an example, our average rating for cleanliness on is 9.9 (out of 10, based on 203 reviews). But, to secure your wellbeing during (and after) the COVID-19 pandemic, we added the following measures to our cleaning process:

  • After every check-out, we wait at least 1 hour before we start cleaning, so potential infected droplets are out of the air and on to the surfaces. Nevertheless, we will also fog the air with a special alcohol-based liquid (>70%) and ventilate the room sufficiently. We will clean all hard surfaces (e.g. floors, desks, countertops, tables) with an approved disinfectant containing at least 70% alcohol. Also smaller items like keys, AC remote, and soap dispensers will be thoroughly cleaned with an alcohol based disinfectant (>70%). Please note that the cleaning process takes at least 3 hours per room, which means it is just possible to have the room ready at check-in time (2pm) if previous guests leave at the latest check-out time (11am). For this reason, early check-in will be less likely; thank you for your understanding.
  • Our cleaning lady will use a mask and gloves while cleaning the room for her and your safety.
  • Regarding the standard daily cleaning, please let us know before if you would like this service or that you prefer nobody enters the room.
  • We will provide sanitizer dispensers (>70% alcohol) in the room.
  • We also provide sanitizer dispensers (>70% alcohol) on more places throughout the property.
  • Like explained before, we already kept everything exceptional clean before COVID-19, also the common areas like the breakfast and pool area. What we added is, wiping and disinfecting (>70% alcohol) high-touch areas, such as door handles, light switches, coffeemaker and items at the coffee corner etc.

Being a small Bed & Breakfast has some huge advantages. One of the things is that we are family run and we only have 2 employees of which we know that they are extra precautions of their whereabouts and behavior, reducing the risk immensely. Besides their responsible behavior we have a protocol in place for them to follow to help secure your safety, among others keeping distance, washing hands regularly and we also measure their temperature twice a day.

  • Another advantage of our B&B is that social distancing is no problem: we hold at the most 12 guests (and only guests and personnel are allowed/ have access to the property), all rooms have their own spacious private patio, we do not allow children and the serene beach of Matapalo is never crowded. The communal areas are also spacious enough to keep the 1.5 meters (5ft) distance. We do not have closed communal areas; they are all open like a terrace or just in the open air.
  • COVID-19 forced us to make some difficult changes too though. We normally welcome our guests with a handshake and with check-out the same, but often also a hug. Unfortunately, this is a no-go after COVID-19. We hope things will go back to ‘normal’ soon, but until than no physical contact. Please do not take this as unpersonal or less welcoming, we do this for your safety (besides for other guests, our employees and ourselves).
  • Another measure we needed to install is to measure everyone’s temperature at check-in. We have managed to buy an official laser thermometer used in the healthcare industry which measures fast and contactless from a distance.
  • When entering the property, we will also ask you to disinfect your hands, shoes and wheels of your suitcase, we have a sanitizing station at the entrance ready.

It is a strange time for everybody but taking these precautions will help reduce the transfer of infections and hopefully wil fasten the process of getting back to ‘normal’ again. With these measures installed you do not have to worry to come down here. Even more when you consider that we have pure clean air here and that the sun will provide you with your daily doses of vitamin D.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and have a wonderful stay with us.