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Centrally located & No crowds

Are you looking for a special beach destination to relax and unwind; but you don’t want the crowds, you rather stay in a serene and natural surrounding? Go to Playa Matapalo Costa Rica! Matapalo beach is also perfectly suited if you want to visit Manuel Antonio National Park but you don’t want to stay in the bustling tourism area next to the park. Furthermore, Playa Matapalo is just 15 minutes away from the lively surf village of Dominical and 30 minutes away from Marino Ballena National Park in Uvita (the place to watch whales in Costa Rica). Are you going to Corcovado National Park? Playa Matapalo is conveniently located on the main route to this amazing nature park; so relax on the beach a few days before you go to – or when you are coming from – Corcovado.

A hidden gem

Playa Matapalo in Costa Rica is a tranquil beach community along the pacific coast, located in canton Quepos in the province of Puntarenas. It has a gorgeous stretched out sandy beach (no rocks) where you can walk on for miles and miles without seeing another soul. Wildlife, like capuchin monkeys, sloths (both types) and toucans are abundant. The water of the ocean is warm and refreshing 365 days in the year and the stunning sunsets also occur year round. And what about the Matapalo beach weather?  Well, we describe it as ‘endless summer’! Altogether, it is not strange that many of our guests at Jardín de los Monos feel that they are staying in paradise.

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Many things to do in Playa Matapalo Costa Rica

Playa Matapalo is a great beach to relax on, just sunbath or be active in the water with a body board or surfboard. Playa Matapalo makes a great beach to have your first surf lessons. Another great activity is the horseback riding tour over the beach. It is more than just sitting on the back of a horse, the guide Claudia, will teach you a lot of things about the flora & fauna that can be found in this stunning natural area. You can also spot wildlife yourself, just by walking around; it is not too difficult to find capuchin monkeys, sloths (both types), toucans, lizards, frogs etc… Another beautiful experience that Matapalo  beach may offer you is watching tiny turtles walk into the ocean for the first time. Both Olive Ridley and Leatherback turtles nest on the beach (seasonal). There are many more things to do in the close proximity of Playa Matapalo. Please go the following page for more information on things to do in Matapalo beach Costa Rica.

Good to know

Playa Matapalo Costa Rica is the beachside community of the little village called ‘Matapalo’, a paved road of about 1.5 km (0.9 mi) connects the 2. The roads in Playa Matapalo are unpaved, but you do not need a 4×4 car. Playa Matapalo offers 1 bar restaurant (only dinner) and 1 mini-market. Matapalo offers 2 good restaurants, some soda’s (simple restaurants that don’t serve alcohol) and some mini-markets. The selection in the mini-markets is small; the supermarket in Dominical offers a somewhat wider selection and in Dominical you can also find the nearest ATM (No ATM in Matapalo). Both Quepos and Uvita offer a wider selection of ATM’s and supermarkets. Since there is only one restaurant on walking distance in Playa Matapalo (which only serves dinner, no lunch) and because public busses only stop in Matapalo village (2.3 km or 1.3 mi from our Bed and Breakfast), we strongly advise you to visit Playa Matapalo by car (Dominical is a better option in case you really want to travel via public transport).

See also: our map of Matapalo beach Costa Rica.

This information is about the Playa Matapalo near Quepos in Costa Rica, please visit the following page for more information: Contact & Location

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