The Playa Matapalo Costa Rica Climate

The Playa Matapalo Costa Rica Weather = Endless Summer!

Endless summer is probably the best way to describe the Playa Matapalo Costa Rica weather. We always have a lot of sun and nice warm temperature in Playa Matapalo. The months from January to March are considered summertime in Playa Matapalo. In these months you will hardly see a cloud in the sky and it rarely rains. These are also the warmest months of the year. From April and onward you will see more clouds in the sky towards the end of the day and the chance of rain in the afternoon/ evening increases. But it will not rain for very long and it is actually quite refreshing. October is on average the rainiest month, with so now and then a day with a lot of rain. However, it depends on the year, this might not happen in October, but at the end of September or the first half of November. The mornings in Playa Matapalo are mostly sunny year round and you can also expect stunning sunsets the whole year. Also the water of the ocean stays warm and refreshing 365 days of the year.


Green Season / Rainy Season

The period from May to November is generally called rainy season or green season, but as described above this season is still an excellent time to visit Costa Rica. Some people even prefer it because of the lower temperatures and cheaper rates of flight tickets, car rental, hotels etc. Also popular attractions will be less crowded. 

Climate statistics of Playa Matapalo, Costa Rica 

Playa Matapalo Costa Rica Weather and Climate statistics

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Please note!

Don’t trust what weather websites and apps say about the Playa Matapalo Costa Rica climate. They will probably predict thunderstorms for almost all days. This is most of the times not correct. Somehow they cannot manage to make a good prediction for beach places in Costa Rica. It has probably something to do with the huge amount of micro climates in Costa Rica. The hills filled with rainforest are just a few kilometers away from Playa Matapalo and there it will indeed probably rain/ thunderstorm, while on the beach at Playa Matapalo the sun is still out.

This wonderful weather type at this magnificent beach with its stunning natural beauty makes Playa Matapalo truly a piece of paradise. The following page provides more information about Playa Matapalo Costa Rica.